{Inspirational Video} Necole Bitchie Weblog Award Speech

I love this girl. I’ve been following her journey for a while. In an online world filled with celebrity gossip and negativity, she managed to create an entertainment site that maintains it’s integrity, respect for people and a sense positivity and empowerment.

If you don’t know blogger Necole Bitchie’s story, she once stayed on her aunt’s couch – no job, no place, and no parents (who had passed a way a couple years prior). You may now see her interviewing celebrities and attending industry events. She is a testament in today’s world of limitless opportunity, of how you can take a laptop, a vision & a dream, and create a platform to not only build your dream lifestyle, but also position yourself to empower others.

Check out her speech at the Black Weblog Awards:


“Sometimes you gotta be patient. Everything happens when it’s supposed to…”




3 Ways to Monetize a Blog {Make Extra Money With Your Passion}

There are various ways to monetize a blog. Here are 3 primary ways you can monetize a blog & make extra money blogging about your passion.

3 Ways to Monetize a Blog:
1.   Advertising
2.   Sell Your Own Product
3.   Affiliate Marketing


Here’s a breakdown of each.


1.  Make Money Through Advertising:

If you have enough traffic (visitors) to your blog, you can charge other people to advertise on your website.  Of course, It can take quite some time to build enough traffic so that others would be willing to pay to advertise on your site.


2)   Make Money By Selling Your Own Product

If you’re into cooking, you could create a cookbook. If you’re into travel, you could create a travel guide. Fitness? Create a weight loss plan. Quilting? Sell your blankets. The possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at the cookbook example in more detail.

Here’s an Example of How to Create Your eBook:

Let’s say someone loves to cook (call her Kris). Kris posts lots of fun recipes & cooking tips on her blog. By blogging regularly, even shooting some YouTube video tutorials & sharing her content throughout social media, Kris eventually gains a substantial number of visitors to her blog.

One day Kris decides to create a cookbook with her favorite recipes & simple meal ideas. She types up the recipes in a word doc. She adds some images from pics of her food that she’s taken. And then she can create an ebook cover for her cookbook.

Lastly, she converts the word doc to a PDF with a free service like this one. Now her eBook (or rather eCoobkook) is ready to go!

She charges $8 for her cookbook collecting payments through Paypal. Once someone pays, she emails the cookbook or provides an access link where the purchaser can download it from her blog. 

Alternatively, she can print & ships the cookbook. But for obviously reasons – a digital product is often preferred to a physical one (as it saves time & money).

This is an example of how you can take a passion you love to do & share anyway & monetize it online.


3)   Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most common & popular way to monetize a blog.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of various affiliate marketing companies out there. Even Amazon & Wal-Mart offer affiliate marketing programs.


How Affiliate Marketing Works:

Affiliate marketing is simple. It’s when a company pays you for referring business to them. You’re an affiliate for that company. Most often, you are paid a portion of every sale made through you or your site.

Keys to Successful Affiliate Marketing:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website, relevant to the topic of your blog
  • Blog regularly – consistently adding fresh/new content to build your subscriber base
  • Always provide honest opinions & reviews about products & services – never make a recommendation simply for a sale
  • To maximize earnings, the best programs should offer residual/passive income as well as have large upsell potential

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is appealing to a lot of people because you don’t have to worry about creating your own product and it can be lucrative, if you know what you’re doing.


Ready to Make It Happen?

Are the wheels starting to turn? Are you getting some ideas of ways you can monetize your blog and make money online? There are really lots of ways to do it. The key is being consistent. Each method takes traffic to your blog as well as building a connection with your visitors.  This takes time.

But it’s as simple as a decision & commitment to making it happen.

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To Life Without Limits,

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My Encounter with a Hippie Jedi Blogger Earning $40k/month

At a recent marketing event Justin Verrengia – the self proclaimed hippie Jedi blogger – gave me some words of advice when it comes business, blogging and internet marketing. Why would one heed the advice of a hippie?

The bigger question is how does a hippie Jedi blogger make $191,847 in 15 months with an online affiliate program??

Below is a photo of Justin with a check that shows his total earnings as of January 2013 with the Empower Network program. [His earnings are significantly more as of the writing of this post.]


justin verregnia

justin verregnia 2

How Did He Do It?

Justin Verrengia will be the first to tell you it wasn’t always peaches & cream. He & his wife D now live like jet setters –  with a home in Medellin, Columbia, with frequent visits to locations around the world. But just 3 years ago Justin & D were struggling to pay their $450 rent in Costa Rica. Justin had been in the home based business/network marketing industry for a number of years. He was trying to ‘live the life’ but was really ‘enduring a nightmare.’

He was constantly either a) on the phone closing prospects or b) on the computer trying to figure out how to grow his business online. He admits he would literally work 18 hours per day just to maintain a modest income.

So what changed?

Justin says that a pivotal turning point for him was attending a live internet marketing event called “Don’t Be a Wussy” held by Empower Network early 2012. It was the company’s first event. At that time, he was still stuck in his old habits, but had a goal of using the Empower Network’s blogging & marketing platform to make an extra $5k/month.


While attending that event, here’s what shifted for him: BELIEF.

Click Play Below Now to see the Hippie Jedi’s belief in action.

 I want to Learn More

Justin says that before that original event, he was conditioned to believe that it required working 18 hours per day and staying on the phone constantly to earn a good living in this industry. But based on the results he was seeing from other people with this blogging system, his beliefs about what it takes to make money changed.

There was a second shift that happened that weekend. It wasn’t just Justin’s belief in a new way of creating success that changed everything.

It was also the belief in HIMSELF.

Justin frequently attributes his mental shift to conversations with his mentor (Empower Network co-founder) Dave Wood. Wood’s belief in Justin spurred belief in himself. As did the belief from his wife D.

And according to Justin BELIEF is the key to all success; No matter what the objective. No matter what your goal….Here’s why:

Belief creates action. Action creates results.
Results create more belief. And they cycle continues.

When Justin landed in this productive cycle – he went on to blow his goal of $5k/month out of the water.  As of the writing of this article, Justin is earning $40k+/mo with this system.

It was my pleasure to meet Justin. I love being surrounded by people who push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and un-apologetically live their dreams. To learn more about the Empower Network blogging platform Justin & I both use to create extra income, to connect with people across the world, and create a positive impact, click here.


alice dymally and justin verregnia


Income Disclaimer: Just because Justin achieved these results doesn’t mean others will. Justin closely followed the instructions of his mentor Dave Wood, consistently followed the 8 Core Commitments of the Empower Network business training & as you can see has more belief in his pinkie, then unfortunately most others have in themselves.

The morale of the story from my encounter with a hippie Jedi blogger is to have faith in what you’re doing and belief in yourself. Your belief is more powerful than you can imagine.  Thanks for stopping by!

~ Live Life By Design ~

Alice Dymally

P.S. Justin is not the only one having success. Shalonda Gordon has one heck of a story. Check it out here. Enjoy! :)