{Inspirational Video} Necole Bitchie Weblog Award Speech

I love this girl. I’ve been following her journey for a while. In an online world filled with celebrity gossip and negativity, she managed to create an entertainment site that maintains it’s integrity, respect for people and a sense positivity and empowerment.

If you don’t know blogger Necole Bitchie’s story, she once stayed on her aunt’s couch – no job, no place, and no parents (who had passed a way a couple years prior). You may now see her interviewing celebrities and attending industry events. She is a testament in today’s world of limitless opportunity, of how you can take a laptop, a vision & a dream, and create a platform to not only build your dream lifestyle, but also position yourself to empower others.

Check out her speech at the Black Weblog Awards:


“Sometimes you gotta be patient. Everything happens when it’s supposed to…”




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