My Encounter with a Hippie Jedi Blogger Earning $40k/month

At a recent marketing event Justin Verrengia – the self proclaimed hippie Jedi blogger – gave me some words of advice when it comes business, blogging and internet marketing. Why would one heed the advice of a hippie?

The bigger question is how does a hippie Jedi blogger make $191,847 in 15 months with an online affiliate program??

Below is a photo of Justin with a check that shows his total earnings as of January 2013 with the Empower Network program. [His earnings are significantly more as of the writing of this post.]


justin verregnia

justin verregnia 2

How Did He Do It?

Justin Verrengia will be the first to tell you it wasn’t always peaches & cream. He & his wife D now live like jet setters –  with a home in Medellin, Columbia, with frequent visits to locations around the world. But just 3 years ago Justin & D were struggling to pay their $450 rent in Costa Rica. Justin had been in the home based business/network marketing industry for a number of years. He was trying to ‘live the life’ but was really ‘enduring a nightmare.’

He was constantly either a) on the phone closing prospects or b) on the computer trying to figure out how to grow his business online. He admits he would literally work 18 hours per day just to maintain a modest income.

So what changed?

Justin says that a pivotal turning point for him was attending a live internet marketing event called “Don’t Be a Wussy” held by Empower Network early 2012. It was the company’s first event. At that time, he was still stuck in his old habits, but had a goal of using the Empower Network’s blogging & marketing platform to make an extra $5k/month.


While attending that event, here’s what shifted for him: BELIEF.

Click Play Below Now to see the Hippie Jedi’s belief in action.

 I want to Learn More

Justin says that before that original event, he was conditioned to believe that it required working 18 hours per day and staying on the phone constantly to earn a good living in this industry. But based on the results he was seeing from other people with this blogging system, his beliefs about what it takes to make money changed.

There was a second shift that happened that weekend. It wasn’t just Justin’s belief in a new way of creating success that changed everything.

It was also the belief in HIMSELF.

Justin frequently attributes his mental shift to conversations with his mentor (Empower Network co-founder) Dave Wood. Wood’s belief in Justin spurred belief in himself. As did the belief from his wife D.

And according to Justin BELIEF is the key to all success; No matter what the objective. No matter what your goal….Here’s why:

Belief creates action. Action creates results.
Results create more belief. And they cycle continues.

When Justin landed in this productive cycle – he went on to blow his goal of $5k/month out of the water.  As of the writing of this article, Justin is earning $40k+/mo with this system.

It was my pleasure to meet Justin. I love being surrounded by people who push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and un-apologetically live their dreams. To learn more about the Empower Network blogging platform Justin & I both use to create extra income, to connect with people across the world, and create a positive impact, click here.


alice dymally and justin verregnia


Income Disclaimer: Just because Justin achieved these results doesn’t mean others will. Justin closely followed the instructions of his mentor Dave Wood, consistently followed the 8 Core Commitments of the Empower Network business training & as you can see has more belief in his pinkie, then unfortunately most others have in themselves.

The morale of the story from my encounter with a hippie Jedi blogger is to have faith in what you’re doing and belief in yourself. Your belief is more powerful than you can imagine.  Thanks for stopping by!

~ Live Life By Design ~

Alice Dymally

P.S. Justin is not the only one having success. Shalonda Gordon has one heck of a story. Check it out here. Enjoy! :)


3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online

3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online


If you’re looking to make some extra cash from home, here are 3 ways to make quick money online.

make quick money online

Freelance Marketplaces/Labor Exchanges

1. Write Articles for Cash (,,

If you like to write, there are numerous websites where you can earn money in exchange for writing articles for others. These websites include, &

On these sites you can place your going rate, either by the hour, or by the assignment, and be contacted by someone looking for a writer.  You can also search jobs that have been placed on the site & submit for the jobs that interest you.

If you’re “hired” then you will be paid the agreed upon fee once the article is complete.

Most articles range from 500-700 words. The “employer” will provide guidelines on the desired topic & scope of the article.

Often times, the individuals hiring article writes are internet marketers who maintain websites or blogs. They add the fresh content to their site &/or submit it to article marketing websites. The more relevant content a marketer put out on the internet, the more traffic they will likely be able to generate to their site in the long run. To save time, they often contract out to other writers to generate content.

You can build relationships on these sites and become a long term or regular contractor for ongoing jobs.

In addition to writing articles, there are tons of other “jobs” available on these sites – like keyword research, clerical work, virtual assisting, design work and much more.

Personally, I prefer to establish automated or residual income streams rather than fee for service work. So let’s check out some of those quick online money options.


Affiliate Marketing

2. Market MCA

MCA is a quick money maker because it has such a low price point to get into, it offers a basic service everyone needs and it pays significantly more than it costs.mca quick money online

MCA (the Motor Club of America) is a company that is known for offering road side assistance (plus a slew of other protection benefits & discounts). When an individual purchases an MCA memberships, they enjoy all the MCA benefits for the duration of the time they maintain their membership. Membership costs $20 per month. (Except the first month of membership which is $40).

Here’s where the cool part comes in. MCA pays its members an $80 referral fee each time they refer a new paying member. This makes it extremely attractive to many people. Even just referring one new member per month & you’re in the black for your business.

Even knowing all of that though, I did not start to market MCA, UNTIL I found a SYSTEM that did it for me (Generally speaking, it’s not really effective for me to manually follow up with people one by one nor to repeatedly explain to different people how MCA works).

I use this system & it does all of that for me. I was able to “double my money” within 24 hours of marketing this program. We like that.



3. Blog with The Empower Network

The Empower Network is by far the most powerful income opportunity listed here. It can provide quick funds, yet it can also create a long term, life changing residual income.quick money online

The Empower Network is a viral blogging platform. In addition to providing ready-to-go, no hassle,  professionally designed, search engine optimized personal blogs for only $25/mo, the company specializes in marketing training (best in the industry) and leadership development.

What is taught within the Empower Network can take someone from having little to zero  knowledge about online marketing & making money online –  to being able to build  success online in any type of business. Of course if you plug into the training & treat it seriously. You’ll also be surrounded by some of the top marketers in the world & be able to personally network with them at live company events.

Here is my Empower Network blog.

For more on the Empower Network click here.

To read my complete Empower Network review click here.

3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online

Any of these strategies can be used to day to begin to generate some quick money online. Have you used any of the tools or sites above? Do you have others you’d like to add to the list? Please feel free to comment below with your experience or feedback.

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Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally