Is Business School Worth the Cost?

Business school definitely has it’s benefits –  like the opportunity to network & connect with serious players in business, learn about leadership & entrepreneurship, and increase your chances for mobility and a pay raise at work. But is it worth the cost!?

I live in Baltimore so I searched John Hopkins B-school tuition rates.

Here’s what I saw:

Cost of John Hopkins Carey Business School

is business school worth the it worth the cost

Over $100k in tuition!

In all honestly, I would love to go to business school. Personally, I’d go for the mental exercise, the challenge, the opportunity for new achievement & to make new connections. But..

…It’s too damn expensive!

I can’t wrap my brain around the costs. You can find plenty of ways to network, learn entrepreneurship and demonstrate value to your company for a pay raise – without paying $100k for another degree.

By the way – Sorry to all my comrades out there paying Sallie Mae for your undergrad. I feel your pain.

If my company would pay for it 100%, I’d consider it. But otherwise, I can’t see it happening.

What say you about the B-school? Speak on it!