3 Smart Time Management Tools to Increase Focus & Productivity

Are you super busy juggling home and business & looking for effective time management tools? This article will provide you 3 very useful time management tools to increase your productivity and help you stay on target with your goals.

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Here are 3 Smart Time Management Tools to Increase Focus & Productivity

1. Google Calendar

2. Stay Focused

3. The Habit Factor


Time Management Tools: Google Calendar

The first one is the free Google calendar. You just simply log into your Gmail account. Then in the bar at the top left look for “Calendar.”

Time Management Tools


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Time Management Tools: Stay Focused

This one is a doozy :) Stay Focused is only available as an extension to Google Chrome, so it won’t track your time using desktop apps—but it will track your time on the web! Just imagine that. When you see it in black & white that you blew an hour on Facebook – it might just help you re-prioritize your day!

Time Management Tools: The Habit Factor

The Habit Factor is an app. You can download it on your smartphone, I believe for $6.99. This is more than just a daily time management tool. The Habit Factor helps you map out your goals – short term and long term. Then it ensures your daily activities are in line with those goals. The purpose is to help you stay consistent until you’ve developed productive habits.

3 Smart Time Management Tools to Increase Focus & Productivity

I hope you find plenty of use out of these 3 smart time management tools. What are some of your favorite “time management tools?” Comment below. Also for one of the BEST trainings on effective goal setting & productivity listen to this audio by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret


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