The Real Reason People Keep Quitting Your Network Marketing Business & How To Make It Stop.

The Real Reason People Keep Quitting Your Network Marketing Business & How To Make It Stop


Are you suffering attrition in your network marketing business? Learn the real reason people are leaving & how to make it stop.

So you have a home business. You’ve finally started to build  a team….after months (or perhaps year) of struggle…of persevering and pressing on…But your team would be much larger if only some people hadn’t quit!

Why do some people quit, while others have the wherewithal to press on?

What can you do to build a strong, reliable, committed team, with minimal attrition? Read on. You’re about to find out.


Why People Leave #1: Overwhelm

Often people who are introduced to a new business are overwhelmed with information. Comp plans, websites, starter packs, bonuses, autoship, yadda, yadda, yadda. While some are familiar with all thease moving parts, many people who get in to a home business, have actually never run a business before.


Here’s What To Do To Combat Overwhelm:

Set expectations at the very beginning. Explain there will be a learning curve just like with anything else worth having. Also have a strong, supportive team environment – whether in a private Facebook group or on a team website (consider where can you build a private team site). Establishing the sense of community can be the major difference maker for your team members.


Why People Leave #2: No Marketing System

Face it. People don’t like to sell. In fact, that’s probably the number one reason why people don’t even get into network marketing to begin with. For those who do, as newbie marketers, they tap into the warm market, such as friends & family. Then they quickly “wear out” their market & become lost or frustrated with a lack of leads & prospects.

Leverage a Marketing System For Your Team

As a leader it’s important to have a marketing system in place for your team. Particularly if you can establish on online marketing system for yourself & for your team, you will never run out of prospects or leads. As a result, product is much more duplicatable. When people are able to create results quickly, they are more likely to stick around. It is very important to have a sales & marketing system in place for your business.


Why People Leave #3: Lack of Vision & Work Ethic

Let’s be honest. Some people do not see the bigger picture OR do not have the work ethic to go get it.

Let them quit.

The fact of the matter is it takes a certain type of person to succeed in this business. Some people don’t have the vision & work ethic to persist. Others just have other plans in mind. That’s fine!

Better to lose these people sooner rather than later. Would is sting more if someone quit just after a few days or after months of you pouring your time & effort into them? Cut your losses early.


The Real Reason People Keep Quitting Your Network Marketing Business & How To Make It Stop

In summary, follow these simple steps and you will significantly reduce your attrition in your business.

Set expectations. Create a supportive team environment. Establish a duplicable sales & marketing system. Lastly, cut your losses for people who simply aren’t right for your business.


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Alice Dymally

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