The Break Up….

breaking up 
We’re breaking up.

I normally don’t share something so private but it’s the truth. The truth is never a secret.
And hopefully others can relate.

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. But it’s happening….and it’s time.

I don’t know why I stayed so long unhappy.
Maybe it was the kids…. bills… finances…. comfort….”security”….
Who knows….

What’s ironic is there really was no security here. It was just an illusion.
You could have been the one to push me out the door at any moment.

And money shouldn’t be the reason for anyone to stay. Not when it makes you unhappy. Not when it sucks the life out of you. Not when you were meant for so much more and your potential is cowering in the shadows fearful of making its presence known.

I have dreams of doing much more…of seeing much more…and building many more relationships than I am able to do in the confines of our walls. I will not be stationary. I will not be slowly cemented into a monotonous, repetitive, daily cycle – sinking further and further each day like a weary travel standing in quicksand.

While I’ve known deep down for many years that this wasn’t going to work… I still stuck around. Maybe I was keeping up appearances, fulfilling what others had expected of me, and wondering what friends and family would say of our break up. Perhaps, I was hanging on to a certain level of prestige that comes with our relationship.  But that too is just an illusion. The only prestige I acknowledge is in the man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it – even if it’s against the odds, even if its outside of the norm, even if people will think he is crazy, even if it’s outside of his comfort zone, even when people just don’t get it.

I acknowledge the prestige of a man who admits his wrongs and stops living a lie – even if he’s been living that lie for a decade.

I think I had gotten accustomed to doing things the way people were “expected” to do them. But the truth is I don’t like conventions. I don’t believe in normal. There is no such thing as customary. 

The fear of the unknown is not a fear at all. It is really excitement. It is freedom. It is passion. Some simply acknowledge it for what it is, while others never know it’s true name.  The struggle, the obstacles, the triumph…they are all part of the story. And they are all welcome.

I’ve said enough.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

Let’s just make this swift and painless.

I’ll get straight to the point and call it like it is. Here goes nothing…..

Dear Corporate America,

I’m leaving.


Alice Dymally

 the break up


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