Mark Whitten Real Estate Review – Wholesaling Seminar

Mark Whitten Real Estate Review:
Wholesaling Seminar

If you’re reading this article, you probably a) Have some interest in making money with real estate and b) Want to know whether Mark Whitten’s Real Estate Wholesaling seminar is worthwhile.

I attended Mark Whitten’s wholesaling course in February, 2013. I will let you know my honest opinion.

About Mark Whitten

Mark Whitten is a real estate investor in the Baltimore, MD area. Mark’s been wholesaling properties for about 5 years as of the writing of this article. He has a large presence on online, particularly on YouTube.mark whitten real estate wholesaling seminar

Recently, Mark Whitten started offering a wholesaling seminar – a 3 day course where he teaches individuals how to wholesale properties. The price tag is $997.

Here’s what you get for $997:

Included in the course is 2.5 days of “in-class” training, a bus tour where you walk through rehab properties & learn how to do rehab price estimates, and his book/audio course “Flip Houses Like Your Hair’s On Fire.”


Is Mark Whitten’s Real Estate Wholesaling Seminar worth the price tag?

In my opinion – if you’re interested in learning how to wholesale properties – YES. The course was well worth the price.

I actually attended previous real estate investing courses that cost significantly more & were not as valuable as the 3 days with Mark.

Mark breaks everything down from start to finish. His sole purpose is to make sure that everyone in the course can literally walk out of the door when it’s finished, & complete a wholesale transaction.


What’s Included in Flip Houses Like Your Hair’s on Fire

flip houses like your hairs on fireAlso, within the physical course “Flip Houses Like Your Hair’s on Fire” you receive a ton of materials which could easily cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to put together.

Mark shares his contracts, his marketing materials & even his buyer’s list for the MD, DC area!

In Summary

In summary, Mark Whitten is the real deal. His major message is that we reclaim struggling areas & “Buy Back America.” There are signs of improvement in the housing market, but there is still (& always) a massive opportunity in real estate.

However, note this: Wholesaling, like anything else, still requires work and massive action.

A lot of success with wholesaling comes down to marketing – learning how to find motivated sellers, and networking – building relationships with other investors/landlords/end buyers.


Here are 3 tips if you are considering attending Mark Whitten’s Real Estate Wholesaling Seminar.

Tip 1: If you’re new to real estate, do some studying beforehand. Mark covers a lot of material in the 3 days. You don’t want to get lost. Because I have some prior background with real estate & mortgage lending, I was already familiar with many of the concepts he discussed. The best way to do this is to simply search for  Mark Whitten’s Youtube channel & watch his videos. He explains a lot in his videos and the are a perfect precursor to the course.

Tip 2: Have a marketing budget. Even if it’s small. While real estate wholesaling is the cheapest way to get into real estate investing, you do still want to have a budget available for your business. Marketing is extremely important to find motivated sellers. (Various marketing strategies, include bandit signs, drop cards or even marketing online).

Tip 3: Take action right away. As of the writing of this post, Mark also offers 30 days worth of coaching after the seminar. You must take action quickly to take advantage of this.

Hopefully you’ve found this Mark Whitten Real Estate Review – Wholesaling Seminar review helpful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally


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