Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review: Read This Before Spending Any Money

Read this article before you invest money on the Rich Dad Poor Seminars.

I attended the seminars several years ago and invested a lot of money. I was (and still am) a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and philosphies. Find out in this Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar review whether my investment was worthwhile or not.



Quick Background on the Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars

These seminars are hosted in conjunction with the Rich Dad brand, but are actually put together by a company called Tigrent Learning (maybe a different name when you read this post).

There are two “tracks” of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars –Stock Marketing Investing and Real Estate Investing. This Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review is in regards to the Real Estate track.


There are 3 types of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Seminars.
  •          The Free Seminar
  •           The Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar ($500, ok to bring a guest)
  •           The Advanced Training Courses ($5000 each, ok to bring a guest)


Summary of the Free Seminar

The Free Seminar is really a precursor/introduction to the initial paid seminar. You’ve probably seen ads online for the free seminar in your area – or heard about it on the radio like I did. The host of the free seminar will be someone who’s had success with real estate & shares their story. They introduce you to the success of other people, and shed light on all the possibilities with real estate investing.

In the end you are offered to purchase the $500 3-day seminar where you will learn more specifics. For $500 you can bring a free guest.


Summary of the Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar

Here are some of the things covered in the Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar:

  • There is a lot of focus on mindset,
  • They also cover credit,
  •  The various types of real estate transactions (for example wholesaling, lease options, short sales, etc).,
  • The differences between passive & residual income,
  •  They also discuss quite about how to think outside of the box & come up with resources & capital.

Ultimately I realized they spend so much time on  that last topic so that you’d be able to come up with the funds to pay for the expensive advanced training courses they present at the end of the seminar. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this 3 day seminar quite a bit. I learned a lot, met some great people & had quite a mindset shift. We also played Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow board game which was lots of fun (& really enlightening….I love it). In summary, I think the initial 3-day course was worth the investment (especially if you split the cost with a guest/partner). When it came to the advanced training though….

I think the advanced training is way overpriced.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the weekend. A lot of time is spent tapping into why you want to create a better lifestyle. For some, that might prompt you to splurge on the advanced training – which is what I did. I later regretted it. It’s not that the advanced courses don’t provided useful information – they do. It’s just that I found them overpriced. (In particular because I charged the cost of the courses to a credit card. Arggh!)


What to Expect at the Advanced Real Estate Investment Training Courses

The advanced training courses spend 3 days on one particular topic. For example – 3 days just on wholesaling or 3 days just on lease options, etc. The goal is that at the end of those 3 days you can be comfortable enough to go out & starting doing deals. The advanced courses are not in every city. You may have to do some traveling in order to attend.

I purchased 2 advanced training courses. The first one I attended was in wholesaling. To date, I still have not yet taken the 2nd advanced course.

In summary – while it’s extremely important to know what you’re doing & invest in your education –  I simply found the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” advanced investment training course just way overpriced.

I’ve since found other courses that provide you just as much instruction if not more, that completely guide you through the process of a transaction, and are only a fraction of the cost (such as this course for wholesaling).

Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review In A NutShell

Was it worth it or not???

The Free Course? Yes.

The Initial Paid Course? Yes.

The Advanced Training Courses? No.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

This is just my opinion. There next person may have had a different experience & feedback. Hopefully, this Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review has been helpful.

Bonus tip: Rich Dad coaching is actually a completely separate offer – offered directly through Robert Kiyosaki’s company. Similar to the advanced training courses, while they do provide you with some valuable training – I think it was way overpriced (in my case $7500). Most of the value is in the training material itself which you can read & review on your own. The “coaching” aspect for me did not provide much value. (You get  a 30 minute call with a “coach” each week for about 7 weeks or so).

Ultimately, it’s all good. We live & learn & we keep it moving.

I now have a rental property and I did wholesale two properties. I took a break when I relocated, but am now considering getting started again with wholesaling properties.


 Some Good News…

There are other ways to earn income with a considerably lower investment.

Just browse my site for lots of other ways to make money from home.

rich dad poor dad seminar

Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally


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  1. Jun 8, 2013

    Thanks Alice for sharing your experience, it is really a confirmation that I think that the advance courses might be a bit over-prized.

    We are in Canada and went through both the Real Estate and currently doing the Stock training class. They have since lowered the 2nd 3-day classes to $200 for Real Estate and for another $100 you can sign-up for the stock class also.

    I find the Real Estate to pack alot of information and out of my class, most that did sign up for the advance class already have exposure to the Real Estate industry (mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, real estate investors, etc). Without any RE experience, we have chose not to blindly throw ourselves into the game and put in $25-40,000. The class was taught by an American called Pip

    The Stock trading class is a bit more solid and is taught by a UK trader Alistor Crooks (, he is very dynamic and awesome speaker, he does speak relative down to reality due to his time with Richdad/Tigrent is not as long as some other speakers. There is also one of his apprentice James from UK that is there with him and also some local guys. Some of these local guy, one guy in particular Sam or Samsonite was in-particular cocky and obnoxious – I would hate to have him as a mentor.

    Overall, I think the stock class is less pushy than the Real Estate class (except the local guys), I think I read that the UK side of the company is not as pushy as their North American counterparts and that might be why.

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the advance courses as I have not read many comments on this topic

    • Alice Dymally says:

      Hi, I’m so glad you found value in the article! My pleasure. You’re right it is quite an investment. Thanks for sharing that additional information. Best of luck with the stock classes!

  2. Francesco says:

    Hi, I’d like to have some help on how to cancel the subscription. I just did it some hours ago because they pushed me I had to make a choice but I wanted to investigate on-line and now I’m not sure at all anymore about it but I can’t find anything on their site on how to cancel and get refunded. Anyone can help me?Thanks in advance.

    • Alice Dymally says:

      Which subscription are you referring to? If the advanced classes or the coaching – they should have a 3 day rescission period.

      • Francesco says:

        Hi and thanks for your answer. Mine is the coaching. Yes it is 3 days after receiving the material home so it is actually more than 3 days because I didn’t receive it yet, but I still want to cancel immediately. I’m writing here because I don’t trust 100% the people I talked at the phone to, even if they told me how to proceed to cancel I want to be sure of what’s the right method to do it. I’ve also called the customer service and initiated the cancellation process and they told me I’ll be contacted back (in 72 hours :O omg) by a person from the quality dept. (I told them I don’t want to speak to someone who will try to convince me to change my mind).
        At first I wanted to cancel because I was not sure anymore it was the right choice for me, but after they way the talked to me at the phone and how they replied to the e-mails I don’t trust them to be serious people or to really care about my financial knowledge anymore.
        Just to share one thought, I think the best coach would tell you: I’m gonna get paid from the money you’ll earn by being coached by me and if you get no results I’ll get no money. If they were so sure about the promises they do they would not have any problem with a deal like that and they would probably even earn much more money.
        Just my 2 cents.
        (Anyway I’m still looking for help on how to be completely sure the subscription is cancelled and I’ll get my money back before it’s too late).

        • Hi!

          Do you have an update in how to cancel the subscription?

          My better half wishes to do the same.

          • Alice Dymally says:

            Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t. Did they provide contact info at time of purchase? I’m assuming your referring to the coaching portion?

  3. Hi, thanks for your sharing. Just attended the 3-day and thought it was wonderful. The cost to sign up for the next 2 years (which includes 8 courses and a mentor coming to town) is $37,000. Did not sign up due to lack of liquid funds, but have to say wanted to. Only $5000? Glad you now have properties. Do you recommend some other training instead?

    • Alice Dymally says:

      I recently went to one in Maryland with Mark Whitten. It was strictly on wholesaling. It was much more affordable and very, very informative.

  4. Paula Hrankowski says:

    I just attended the free seminar (in Burnaby BC Canada) and left early. I expected them to push their follow up paid courses, which they did. I was determined not to sign up for them, but the reason I didn’t was not what I expected. I actually learned a lot in the free seminar, and would have liked to expand on the information. I also don’t think $500 is a lot for three solid days of learning. But the presenter was so arrogant and nasty, that I couldn’t even sit through his presentation, never mind a solid three days with a similar person. First of all, he came by and shook hands with those of us in the front row. But he looked around the whole time and never made eye contact. He referred to people as whiners. (Instead of saying that people whine, he called them names. This is inappropriate. One can label the behavior but not the person) He basically said that if we didn’t sign up for the three day course, we were idiots. He presentation style was reminiscent of a 60’s grade school class. It relied on shaming and insulting. I’m surprised he didn’t slap my hand with a ruler. It also felt like an old school time share sales pitch. I will rely on rereading the Rich Dad book, and save myself an unpleasant experience

  5. Thank you for your honest review. There are so many people who are first off very negative towards self-help investment type seminars. However, I feel you did a great job and gave a to the point review. Thank you again.

  6. Alice, I really appreciate you taking the time to make this page and share your experience. I recently signed up for both the stock and real estate investing courses and I am switching to a different company for the stock learning aspect because their package is better. I would like to know if you know of any other companies that provide similar advanced training courses on real estate or stocks that are more affordable than $5,000, thank you!

  7. Benjamin Wong says:


    Thanks for shedding some light into the seminars. I’m planning to attend one in an hour in Cherry Hill, NJ and I am also a real estate agent. I was Googling to find out more info to see if my profession can add value to the seminar.


    Benjamin Wong

    • Alice Dymally says:

      I think it will add value, Benjamin. I had my real estate license then too. I enjoyed the initial 3 day seminar & met some great people. It’s a great opportunity to network. Best of luck.

  8. Hi Alice

    Thanks for this post I as well signed up to the 3 day workshop that was sold on the free workshop day. Do you think that 3 day course is sufficient enough to start wholesaling or make a move into real estate investment without signing up to the courses they will offer at the end of the upcoming training?

    • Alice Dymally says:

      Hey Cher! You know it really depends on the individual. In my case, YES, I realized I could have gotten started after the initial 3-day course (that’s what I wished I did). However, I also had a bit of working knowledge beforehand. If you don’t feel ready, you can also research alternative training courses. Here is one: I attended it live & it was really good. Cheers.

  9. I’m in the 3 day course now in NYC. There is a lot of valuable information that one can use to get your feet wet. But I’d Def not put down the thousands of dollars to go forward with advanced training. They have a disclaimer in really small letter saying – success is not guaranteed. Also the instructor spent 2 hours on what could of been used to teach us strategy but rather trying to sell the advanced trainings.

    • Alice Dymally says:

      I hear you Cris. I’m not downing what they are doing. I really liked the initial 3 day course. But I felt similarly – with the coaching in particular. I felt I could have used that money toward an actual property or marketing, etc.

  10. Hi Cris and Alice –

    I too attended the NYC free seminar. I went with an open mind, because I expected to be ‘sold’ product. I didn’t care much for the Real Estate part, but really loved the information from the stock success part (I’ve wanted to learn stocks all my life). Unfortunately I am at a point where I couldn’t afford the $300 for the 3-day seminar – yes, its down the $300 now. My plan was to see if I could get someone to loan me the cash. I got a call the next day with an offer for a 2-day webinar for $99. Each session would be about 2 1/2 hours and instead of getting printed out books – I’d get them electronically. The webinars would cover the same material as the 3-day seminars. Now THAT I could afford and I signed up. Best decision ever! The webinars are available 2 weeks after class – of course much of the class is spent selling the advanced courses so I am waiting to see what deals I will be offered during my free consultation. I am going to negotiate my way into getting a sweeter deal.

  11. Wow. You bought it.

    For less than what you paid (or charged on your credit card, rather), you could’ve taken LEGITIMATE real estate courses AND gotten a real estate license.

  12. Hi,
    Alice I think that’s a great blog since it’s really hard to find any regarding these workshops.
    In really interested in stock trading and that the reason I actually am now in the stock success with rich de poor dad.
    It is definitely interesting products here but I feel that’s very generalized and I absolutely need more deep understanding of trading in order to jump and spend my money in stock trading.
    The course that are offering is around 20000$ which is a lot in my opinion.
    Do you have any recommendation to any alternative in Los Angeles?
    Thank you :))

  13. just attended the free short 3 hour session course with my 19 year old son who wants to be an investor. He bought the $500 3 day course and after coming home and researching it I feel he got ripped off. from what I have read no learning will take place – they don’t teach you how to invest in real estate at all – just talk about more stuff to get you into buying the big course. I am embarrassed and feel bad for my son and feel stupid that I let him go ahead with his hard earned money not to mention he will lose a day’s pay to attend. I have sent an email asking for our money back but I am pretty sure my son opened the black box they give us. will we still be able to get our money back? if not, is it a total waste of time attending? thxs

    • Alice Dymally says:

      Hi Barb, I hope I’m not late in getting back to you. I am not sure if he can get a refund or not. However – I do NOT think the $500 course is a waste of time. It is a good eye-opener and networking opportunity. It can also help him understand the basic principles of some investing techniques, like wholesaling and lease options. In my opinion, the 5 thousand dollar courses are overpriced. (He should be aware these high-end classes will be pitched.) But the initial course wasn’t bad. Hope this helps & good luck to your son!

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