Does Your Job Define You?

3 Tips For Balancing What You Do, with Who You Are…

I always found it interesting that one of the first things people ask others (or tell about themselves) when meeting a new person is what he or she does for a living. Is that really the single most important thing about you after your name?

does your job define you 2


On game shows on TV – it’s the same thing. Have you noticed?

People are introduced & then asked what they do. That’s it. Occasionally people mention their families or hobbies, but much of the time it’s just name & occupation.

Isn’t that interesting?

Out of curiosity….what do you do?

No, I’m not asking your job. I’m asking what do you DO?

For example, I travel, I read stories to my daughter, I go ‘play’ camping with her under her tent in her bedroom. I work out. I eat right (about 80% of the time -_-). I network with other entrepreneurs. I read. I listen to audio books. I study marketing. I read some more. I uplift & encourage others to go after their dreams.

What do YOU do? Better yet, what do you WANT to do?

There is a tremendous amount more that I can do (& will). The list above will continue to grow. It will grow according to the things that bring me joy, fulfillment, peace, a sense of accomplishment & that have a positive impact on those around me.  Not solely through how I earn income, nor things that can be highlighted on a resume.

does your job define you 3


I read an interesting article recently which brought this back to my attention.

From Constance White, Editor-in-Chief of Essence magazine:

“…even though a job may be essential, it should never be central to your spirit. Never lose who you are because of what you do. Your job does not make you grand and not having a job does not diminish your importance.”

She closed the article with 3 tips for balancing what you do with who you are:

1)      Think in terms of having a career you love. What makes your heart sing? What are you good at doing? Are you in a dead-end job or are you on a stepping-stone in your master plan?

2)      Get to know people and reach out to someone who is doing what you want to do or who is where you want to be. It’s called networking.

3)      Nurture yourself by spending time with friends, taking regular vacations, seeking spiritual sustenance and enjoying family.

In short, work to live; don’t live to work.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you defined by your job? Please share this article & leave your comments below.

Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally


Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review: Read This Before Spending Any Money

Read this article before you invest money on the Rich Dad Poor Seminars.

I attended the seminars several years ago and invested a lot of money. I was (and still am) a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and philosphies. Find out in this Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar review whether my investment was worthwhile or not.



Quick Background on the Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars

These seminars are hosted in conjunction with the Rich Dad brand, but are actually put together by a company called Tigrent Learning (maybe a different name when you read this post).

There are two “tracks” of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars –Stock Marketing Investing and Real Estate Investing. This Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review is in regards to the Real Estate track.


There are 3 types of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Seminars.
  •          The Free Seminar
  •           The Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar ($500, ok to bring a guest)
  •           The Advanced Training Courses ($5000 each, ok to bring a guest)


Summary of the Free Seminar

The Free Seminar is really a precursor/introduction to the initial paid seminar. You’ve probably seen ads online for the free seminar in your area – or heard about it on the radio like I did. The host of the free seminar will be someone who’s had success with real estate & shares their story. They introduce you to the success of other people, and shed light on all the possibilities with real estate investing.

In the end you are offered to purchase the $500 3-day seminar where you will learn more specifics. For $500 you can bring a free guest.


Summary of the Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar

Here are some of the things covered in the Initial Paid 3 Day Seminar:

  • There is a lot of focus on mindset,
  • They also cover credit,
  •  The various types of real estate transactions (for example wholesaling, lease options, short sales, etc).,
  • The differences between passive & residual income,
  •  They also discuss quite about how to think outside of the box & come up with resources & capital.

Ultimately I realized they spend so much time on  that last topic so that you’d be able to come up with the funds to pay for the expensive advanced training courses they present at the end of the seminar. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this 3 day seminar quite a bit. I learned a lot, met some great people & had quite a mindset shift. We also played Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow board game which was lots of fun (& really enlightening….I love it). In summary, I think the initial 3-day course was worth the investment (especially if you split the cost with a guest/partner). When it came to the advanced training though….

I think the advanced training is way overpriced.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the weekend. A lot of time is spent tapping into why you want to create a better lifestyle. For some, that might prompt you to splurge on the advanced training – which is what I did. I later regretted it. It’s not that the advanced courses don’t provided useful information – they do. It’s just that I found them overpriced. (In particular because I charged the cost of the courses to a credit card. Arggh!)


What to Expect at the Advanced Real Estate Investment Training Courses

The advanced training courses spend 3 days on one particular topic. For example – 3 days just on wholesaling or 3 days just on lease options, etc. The goal is that at the end of those 3 days you can be comfortable enough to go out & starting doing deals. The advanced courses are not in every city. You may have to do some traveling in order to attend.

I purchased 2 advanced training courses. The first one I attended was in wholesaling. To date, I still have not yet taken the 2nd advanced course.

In summary – while it’s extremely important to know what you’re doing & invest in your education –  I simply found the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” advanced investment training course just way overpriced.

I’ve since found other courses that provide you just as much instruction if not more, that completely guide you through the process of a transaction, and are only a fraction of the cost (such as this course for wholesaling).

Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review In A NutShell

Was it worth it or not???

The Free Course? Yes.

The Initial Paid Course? Yes.

The Advanced Training Courses? No.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

This is just my opinion. There next person may have had a different experience & feedback. Hopefully, this Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review has been helpful.

Bonus tip: Rich Dad coaching is actually a completely separate offer – offered directly through Robert Kiyosaki’s company. Similar to the advanced training courses, while they do provide you with some valuable training – I think it was way overpriced (in my case $7500). Most of the value is in the training material itself which you can read & review on your own. The “coaching” aspect for me did not provide much value. (You get  a 30 minute call with a “coach” each week for about 7 weeks or so).

Ultimately, it’s all good. We live & learn & we keep it moving.

I now have a rental property and I did wholesale two properties. I took a break when I relocated, but am now considering getting started again with wholesaling properties.


 Some Good News…

There are other ways to earn income with a considerably lower investment.

Just browse my site for lots of other ways to make money from home.

rich dad poor dad seminar

Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally


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The Real Estate Game: Wholesaling 101

Wholesaling is one of the easiest ways to get started in real estate. I use the term “easy” loosely. It still requires work, focus, marketing, consistency, networking, and problem-solving.

However, it requires much less capital than, for example, rehabbing a property or buying & holding a rental.

I wholesaled two properties over a year ago before relocating to another city. Now having settled, and made a few connections in my current city, it’s time to get started back up.

To learn about my experience with my first two wholesale deals click here: Real Estate Wholesaling: How I Did My First Two Deals

real estate wholesaling


How It Works

Here are the fundamentals of how wholesaling works with real estate.

1)      You get a property “under contract” at a deep discount

2)      You sell or “assign” that contract (& the right to buy the property) to another investor for a fee



1)  Getting the Property Under Contract

Getting a property under contact means the owner of the property has agreed in writing to selling it to you. You and the owner have each signed a Purchase Agreement in which they have agreed to selling you the property at a specified price within a specified amount of time.

During that time you locate an end-buyer – another investor or a landlord who is actually interested in rehabbing the property and/or holding the property and renting it out.

The Escape Clause

Within the Purchase Agreement you insert an escape clause that removes you from the obligation of executing the agreement if certain events don’t occur. In other words, if xyz doesn’t happen, then you don’t have to buy the property.

That way if you don’t find an end buyer, you don’t have to buy the property.

The escape clause can be that: The agreement is subject to an acceptable property inspection, the agreement is subject to you obtaining financing, or is subject to your “partner’s” approval. If any of those don’t occur, then you can “escape” from the contract.


2)  Assigning the Contract

Let’s say you find someone who needs to sell his property – call him Jon. Jon lost his job and is relocating to move back with his parents. He needs to get rid of his property as soon as possible. He hasn’t had the money to keep up with the property so it needs some work.

Let’s say, for example, after rehab the property would be worth $100k. But it currently needs $25k in repairs.

You offer Jon $35k to buy the property and he accepts. You each sign a purchase agreement.

You know an investor from attending your local REIA meetings (Real Estate Investors Association) . You reach out to this investor and offer her a great deal – you’ll assign your rights to buy this property to her for a $5k assignment fee.

She gladly accepts because she’ll be getting a property potentially worth $100k for only $40k ($5k to you for the rights to buy, plus $35k to Jon for the property itself).

Even after the $25k in repairs, she’ll have invested a grand total of $65k  for a $100k property.

Each good deal creates 3 winners.

Each good deal creates 3 winners. Jon really wanted to get rid of the property. He didn’t want to deal with the headache of it all and you were able to help him out of the situation. Your end buyer/investor got one heck of a deal. And you walk away with $5k for your effort in putting it together.


The ARV formula

ARV stands for After Repair Value. The ARV formula is important for understand the maximum amount you can offer to pay for a property. If you get a property under contract, but the purchase amount is too high, it will essentially be worthless. The ARV formula is the following:

The most an end buyer will pay for a property is…

(65%) * (ARV) – Repairs

In the above example:

The most your end buyer would pay for the property

= .65 * 100k – $25k = 40k.

So as a rule of thumb, you know the most an end buyer will be willing to pay for Jon’s property $40k. That means in this example, you must get the property under contact for less than $40k. That difference is going to be the amount you can charge as an assignment fee.


The Reality of It All

What I’ve provided you today is a very streamlined elementary example to illustrate the basic concept of wholesaling property. The reality is there are all sorts of “wrenches” that can get thrown into the plan.

Your success with wholesaling will really depend on your ability to maneuver the unknowns that get thrown your way.

For example:

What if there’s a mortgage on the property?

What if the borrower is behind on their mortgage payment?

What if there is someone else who has interest in the property who must agree to sell?

What if I can’t get the borrower to agree to the price I want?


These would all be handled in a different manner outside the scope of this article. So below are your next steps.



The Real Estate Game: Wholesaling 101 Next Steps….

The best thing you can do is educate yourself a) about your market and b) about the process. Look up the local REIA meetings in your city and start attending.
Network with other investors. Potentially find a mentor. There are also a lot of paid courses that can provide valuable information to help you get started.

In my experience you should be able to find a good course for a couple thousand or less. The commonly known Rich Dad Poor Dad courses, while providing good content, are extremely overpriced.
For more on this topic visit Real Estate Investing Courses: Am I Paying Too Much?

There are also tons of books on this topic. Start reading to get a better understanding about some of the nuances of wholesaling.


Caution: Don’t Get Analysis Paralysisknowledge plus action real estate wholesaling

While, you’re doing your reading & studying…don’t get analysis paralysis. You don’t want to be in a “learning” stage for the next 2 years before you ever take action. You continue to learn new things while you are simultaneously  implementing what you’ve learned.

You definitely don’t want to make expensive mistakes, but hitting roadblocks and working your way through them is how you grow.

If you enjoyed this article, you may also be interested the Real Estate Ambition: The 7 Best Sources For Finding Motivated Sellers and Eager Buyers.
Best of luck with your Real Estate Ambition.


Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Building a List For Your Small Business

How Much Money Are You Leaving On The Table?

For anyone who has a business, product or service which they promote online – whether through social media, YouTube, paid advertising, etc. – you could be leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table if you’re not “building a list.” You could also be putting your business in jeopardy. This includes those who may have a home business through a conventional network marketing business model and those who market their own products or services.

 building a list

What Does It Mean To “Build a List?”

Building a list simply means compiling a database of email addresses of your customers, clients, and/or followers. This is extremely important for any online business, but often overlooked by novices as an inconsequential assignment. It is not. In this article, I will show you not only the risk involved for your business if you don’t build a list, but also how to monetize your list and lucrative it can be.


How Big Business Builds a List

When you go to department store, upon checkout, what’s the first thing a clerk typically asks you? For your email address, right? In fact, they may even ask you for your email address at the grocery store, when you get an oil change and certainly it’s requested for any purchase that you make online. Why is that?

Here’s why big business asks for your email address: Having your email address allows them to send you promotions, reminders and to just stay in touch & build a relationship. It also allows them to do so for free.

It could cost millions to pay for a commercial ad spot to promote their latest sale.

But it is FREE to send that same information conveniently & DIRECTLY to your email inbox.

For many, email has become the preferred method of communication. Building a list is just a smarter and more cost effective way to interact with your customers or following.

Think of building your list or database of email addresses in the same manner & for the same reasons a major company would.
There are some other MAJOR reasons – no matter how small or how big your business – you want to start building a list. Let’s review the top reasons and we’ll go into more detail about each.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Building a
List For Your Small Business:

1) Free Advertising & Marketing

2) Build Relationships

3) Automate the Follow Up Process

4) Maintain Control Over Your Ability to Communicate

5) Monetizing Your List


1) Free Advertising & Marketing

As mentioned above, sending a promotion directly to one’s email inbox is the most cost effective way to communicate (because it’s free!) but is also extremely targeted as the people on your ‘list’  have an existing relationship with you in one way or another.


2) Build Relationships

Of course, we know, especially with small business, the relationship between yourself & your customer has evolved to more than just “I sell” and “You buy.” People have options. They have choices. You want to stand out from the crowd. You do so by building a relationship.

This starts by providing value to your customer base. This could be done by emailing them some free valuable, information at times. No sales pitch. Just content that would be of interest to your subscribers. It could be done by interacting. Asking their opinions. Taking polls. There are so many things you can do stand out, as not just a salesperson, but a friend. Having the ability to send emails to your subscribers plays an important role in that process.


3) Automate the Follow Up Process

I love automation! When you’re talking about creating real freedom in your life and with a business, you must have automation.

Would you rather follow up with leads one by one or all at once? When you build a list you can automate your follow up process using an email follow up system like Aweber or GVO. (Aweber & GVO both offer an affiliate program. At this time, I have affiliate account with each).

Using either of these tools, allows you to establish a pre-written automatic email follow up series. When someone subscribes or opts in to your list, they will automatically receive your email follows at the specified time. You can also send new broadcast messages to your entire list at any time.


4) Maintain Control Over Your Ability To Communicate

You are at risk! When your sole method of communication is through a free site or through social media, like YouTube or Facebook – that company is in complete control over your ability to communicate.

These sites reserve the right to delete content or even remove your entire page or channel. It seems far-fetched but I’ve seen it happen tons of times. In addition, so many changes pop on these sites all the time, you are really not in control.building a list

Lastly, when Facebook becomes obsolete (like the next MySpace) would you rather have to then rebuild your following on a new social media site? Or never miss a beat by maintaining contact with them through email?


5) Monetizing Your List

Did someone say “Monetize?” :-) This is the fun part, right?  They say that “The money is in the list…”

It really blew me away when I was introduced to internet marketing, how much money there was!

For a complete breakdown of ways to monetize your list visit the article Make Money Now: 3 Ways To Monetize Your List

For the scope of this article, simply understand when you build a strong, responsive list you can charge others to market to your list.  Does that make sense?

Say you’ve built an email list of 5,000 subscribers. There may be someone who doesn’t have a list that size yet. But they have a promotion they want to get out there. You many be in the same niche or market, so they pay you a certain amount of money for your to send their promotion to your email list.

Based on the size & responsiveness of their list, some people charge as little as $30, while some people charge several thousands of dollars to send an email to their list. And yes, people pay it when they have a profitable offer and it makes sense for their business!

 building a list

How Do I Begin Building a List?

While there are other ways to build a list, the best method for building a high-quality, responsive list is through blogging.

When people subscribe to your email list through your blog it is an indication that they have interest in your content. They want to know about what you have to offer! This is a long term strategy but it’s been proven time & time again to be the most effective – especially for someone new to internet marketing.

For anyone new to internet marketing or even for experienced bloggers – I highly recommend the Empower Network blogging platform. It is professionally designed, ready-to-go, hassle-free and come with 11+ high converting landing pages. I was able to build a list of almost 800 subscribers in less than 6 months through various strategies taught within the Empower Network. They also have a  lucrative affiliate program which means you can earn while you learn.


en flash banner


For additional details on how to build your own list refer to the articles Start Your Internet Marketing Business in 3 Simple Steps and 3 Proven Strategies for Building Your List.

Now matter what, start building your list for the long term success of your business. Feel free to share your questions, comments & experiences below. What value has building a list brought to your business??

Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally


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The 3 Things Keeping You From Leaving Your Job: Are You Stuck?

There are 3 things that typically keep people from taking the action necessary to eventually position themselves to leave their job. Many have the desire to live a life of freedom – to decide how they spend their time – however, few take action. Why is that?


The Office Banter

Office banter is quite interesting at times. Isn’t it?leaving my job, office banter, water cooler talk

“Ahhh, another Monday…”

“I’d rather be golfing….”

“Is it Friday yet?”

“You know they’re doing layoffs again…..”

“Can you believe we have to do this?”

Have you ever heard anything similar in your workplace?

What’s even more interesting is that while many people express dissatisfaction for their employer (or maybe not their employer per se, just the repetitive never-ending nature of their daily work cycle)…while many people express a dissatisfaction for their work, very few actually take any action to change their situation.

Occasionally you’ll see turnover & you say “Ah yes, that one had enough. He found a job elsewhere.”

But in the end isn’t just another job? Doesn’t the same office banter occur amongst the employees there too?

So why do so few people take action to create their own job, their own businesses, their own economy, their own lifestyle??


Side Note: Give Gratitude Not Complaints

 leaving your job


To be clear the office banter above is not my own, but things that I hear around me.  I’ve taken the stance to wake up each day with gratitude & to eliminate complaining from my world.  I am far from perfect. This takes a conscious effort lol  :) but it elevates my mood & everything around me. I continue to work on it & commit to it each day.

So I do not suggest to indulge in complaining about everything you dislike. I am simply questioning why so few people take action to change the things they are dissatisfied with in their lives – particularly as it relates to jobs, since there are so many different ways to generate income – with or without an employer.


The 3 Things Keeping People Stuck in a Job

Here is are the top 3 roadblocks I believe are  preventing people from taking action toward leaving their jobs & doing what they truly want to do in life.

Reason #1: FEAR

Fear is BY FAR the NUMBER ONE roadblock. People let fear drive countless aspects of their lives. Almost any reason for not taking action or making a major move can be derived from fear.


All supposed “reasons” such as:

– “Security” of a regular paycheck,

– Health insurance,

– Mortgage payment, bills, etc.,

– Children


Can be attributed back to:

       – Fear of not earning enough income,

       – Fear of failure,

       – Fear of a major catastrophe,

      – Fear of what other people think,

       – Fear of the unknown


The key with fear is this  – The things we’d fear in the event we left our jobs….are still valid concerns even with a job. A job does not shelter us from these potential situations. (Layoffs, pay cuts, etc. all are serious possibilities for many people). This makes the fear somewhat illogical (which most of the time fear is.)


Reason #2: Lack of Knowledge

A lot of people like the idea of working for themselves, just really have no clue where to begin. There truth is there are TONS of ways to earn income outside of a traditional job, including starting your own business, network marketing & direct sales, internet & affiliate marketing, real estate investing, and more.

Lack of funds is not a valid reason.
That is simply an indication of a lack of ideas.

Many people may say lack of funds is the number one reason they are unable to take action to move toward their goal. But that too is just lack of knowledge – on how to find resources. Resources are out there. Here is one place you can start. Click here to view the IMMA’s (Internt Marketering Mastermind Alliance) free video tutorial “21 Ways To Generate $500 – $5,000 For Your Small Business”.

funding method leaving your job


Reason #3: Not Connecting With The Right People

It is extremely important to expand your circle of friends & associates to include people who are doing what you want to do, earning what you want to earn and living the lifestyle that you want to live.

It’s been said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Whether that is true or not – it is undeniable that where our attention goes, so does our energy & the direction of our lives. If you are surrounded by people who think outside of the box, who go after what they want, and sincerely believe we each have the power to choose our own destiny – certainly that would have a tangible impact on your life. Similarly, if we spend the bulk of our time with people who think in a manner completely opposite to the ideals mentioned above….there will be an undeniable negative impact.

Surround yourself with positive people. Immerse yourself in personal development. Study those who do what you want to do. Be the type of person you want to attract.


The 3 Things Keeping You From Leaving Your Jobleaving your job

Not everyone has a desire to leave their job. Some people love what they do. That is great!

Ultimately that’s what it’s all about – loving what you do each day when you wake up. Choosing how you spend your time & with whom you spend it.  Being productive. Having a purpose. Setting and achieving goals. Building quality relationships.

For those who feel they are lacking that in their current situation – it is OKAY to take action to begin to build a different future.

DO NOT let any of the aforementioned “roadblocks” impede you from what you were meant to be doing. You know in you’re heart what is right for you & what is not. Listen to it. Then TAKE ACTION.


What are your thoughts on this topic? What do you think keeps people stuck or frozen? Speak on it!


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Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally

3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online

3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online


If you’re looking to make some extra cash from home, here are 3 ways to make quick money online.

make quick money online

Freelance Marketplaces/Labor Exchanges

1. Write Articles for Cash (,,

If you like to write, there are numerous websites where you can earn money in exchange for writing articles for others. These websites include, &

On these sites you can place your going rate, either by the hour, or by the assignment, and be contacted by someone looking for a writer.  You can also search jobs that have been placed on the site & submit for the jobs that interest you.

If you’re “hired” then you will be paid the agreed upon fee once the article is complete.

Most articles range from 500-700 words. The “employer” will provide guidelines on the desired topic & scope of the article.

Often times, the individuals hiring article writes are internet marketers who maintain websites or blogs. They add the fresh content to their site &/or submit it to article marketing websites. The more relevant content a marketer put out on the internet, the more traffic they will likely be able to generate to their site in the long run. To save time, they often contract out to other writers to generate content.

You can build relationships on these sites and become a long term or regular contractor for ongoing jobs.

In addition to writing articles, there are tons of other “jobs” available on these sites – like keyword research, clerical work, virtual assisting, design work and much more.

Personally, I prefer to establish automated or residual income streams rather than fee for service work. So let’s check out some of those quick online money options.


Affiliate Marketing

2. Market MCA

MCA is a quick money maker because it has such a low price point to get into, it offers a basic service everyone needs and it pays significantly more than it costs.mca quick money online

MCA (the Motor Club of America) is a company that is known for offering road side assistance (plus a slew of other protection benefits & discounts). When an individual purchases an MCA memberships, they enjoy all the MCA benefits for the duration of the time they maintain their membership. Membership costs $20 per month. (Except the first month of membership which is $40).

Here’s where the cool part comes in. MCA pays its members an $80 referral fee each time they refer a new paying member. This makes it extremely attractive to many people. Even just referring one new member per month & you’re in the black for your business.

Even knowing all of that though, I did not start to market MCA, UNTIL I found a SYSTEM that did it for me (Generally speaking, it’s not really effective for me to manually follow up with people one by one nor to repeatedly explain to different people how MCA works).

I use this system & it does all of that for me. I was able to “double my money” within 24 hours of marketing this program. We like that.



3. Blog with The Empower Network

The Empower Network is by far the most powerful income opportunity listed here. It can provide quick funds, yet it can also create a long term, life changing residual income.quick money online

The Empower Network is a viral blogging platform. In addition to providing ready-to-go, no hassle,  professionally designed, search engine optimized personal blogs for only $25/mo, the company specializes in marketing training (best in the industry) and leadership development.

What is taught within the Empower Network can take someone from having little to zero  knowledge about online marketing & making money online –  to being able to build  success online in any type of business. Of course if you plug into the training & treat it seriously. You’ll also be surrounded by some of the top marketers in the world & be able to personally network with them at live company events.

Here is my Empower Network blog.

For more on the Empower Network click here.

To read my complete Empower Network review click here.

3 Ways To Make Quick Money Online

Any of these strategies can be used to day to begin to generate some quick money online. Have you used any of the tools or sites above? Do you have others you’d like to add to the list? Please feel free to comment below with your experience or feedback.

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Live Life By Design,

Alice Dymally

The Break Up….

breaking up 
We’re breaking up.

I normally don’t share something so private but it’s the truth. The truth is never a secret.
And hopefully others can relate.

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. But it’s happening….and it’s time.

I don’t know why I stayed so long unhappy.
Maybe it was the kids…. bills… finances…. comfort….”security”….
Who knows….

What’s ironic is there really was no security here. It was just an illusion.
You could have been the one to push me out the door at any moment.

And money shouldn’t be the reason for anyone to stay. Not when it makes you unhappy. Not when it sucks the life out of you. Not when you were meant for so much more and your potential is cowering in the shadows fearful of making its presence known.

I have dreams of doing much more…of seeing much more…and building many more relationships than I am able to do in the confines of our walls. I will not be stationary. I will not be slowly cemented into a monotonous, repetitive, daily cycle – sinking further and further each day like a weary travel standing in quicksand.

While I’ve known deep down for many years that this wasn’t going to work… I still stuck around. Maybe I was keeping up appearances, fulfilling what others had expected of me, and wondering what friends and family would say of our break up. Perhaps, I was hanging on to a certain level of prestige that comes with our relationship.  But that too is just an illusion. The only prestige I acknowledge is in the man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it – even if it’s against the odds, even if its outside of the norm, even if people will think he is crazy, even if it’s outside of his comfort zone, even when people just don’t get it.

I acknowledge the prestige of a man who admits his wrongs and stops living a lie – even if he’s been living that lie for a decade.

I think I had gotten accustomed to doing things the way people were “expected” to do them. But the truth is I don’t like conventions. I don’t believe in normal. There is no such thing as customary. 

The fear of the unknown is not a fear at all. It is really excitement. It is freedom. It is passion. Some simply acknowledge it for what it is, while others never know it’s true name.  The struggle, the obstacles, the triumph…they are all part of the story. And they are all welcome.

I’ve said enough.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

Let’s just make this swift and painless.

I’ll get straight to the point and call it like it is. Here goes nothing…..

Dear Corporate America,

I’m leaving.


Alice Dymally

 the break up


How Do you feel about “The Break Up?”

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